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In view of the announcement by the Government of Ontario and Health on March 16 that any mass assembly, including religious gatherings, is to be suspended, the deacon and pastoral team has decided to cancel all church meetings from that day on. Sunday worship services will go live stream online starting March 22nd until further notice.

Sunday ONLINE worship services:
Children 8:45 am or 10:30 am
Mandarin 9:15 am
English 10:15 am
Cantonese 11:15 am

If you want to participate SGBC online worship and receive SGBC’s “Family News”, please contact our office by email (admin@stouffvillegrace.ca) or call (647) 547-3618 for any enquiries.


Welcome to Stouffville Grace Baptist Church, a church where everyone is on a journey to a deeper relationship with God and one another. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. You will find people from all walks of life to grow with spiritually and to live out a life of significance for God.

At Stouffville Grace Baptist Church, we take priority in developing devoted disciples of Christ who:

  • Submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit to live out a God-centred life
  • Form a community that experiences, witnesses, serves and glorifies God

Come and meet people eager to encounter the love of Christ in deeper ways and take steps to grow – in their relationships with God and with one another – for sake of the Great Commission!

SGBC’s Pastoral Team

Sermon Series

Lives in Transition

July 12 – Sept. 6, 2020

Life must undergo different changes. Some changes are triggered by different stages of life, such as entering a school, marrying, relocating, having children, and retiring. Some changes are sudden and uncontrollable, but they have a huge impact on our lives, such as broken relationships, unemployment, serious illness, aggrievement, switching industries, economic reversal, virus transmission (SARS, COVID-19), etc. In this sermon series, we will look at different Biblical characters to see how they experienced the changes in life which became opportunities for encounters with God and growth through life.

We sincerely invite you to explore the opportunities of breaking through life with us!