Volunteer Cantonese Pastor


Leo is a natural helper and supporter, who is passionate in providing Biblical counseling to families and bringing them one step closer to God. He believes when a family has strong relationships in Christ, the family can stand firm in the society with positive influences. He has been a youth counselor for many years, and now serves with the gifts of preaching and teaching given by the Holy Spirit.

Leo has been a volunteer pastor since graduated from Tyndale Seminary in 2009, with Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry. He had served at Stone Bridge Baptist Church for three years; and has been with Stouffville Grace Baptist Church since then. Leo has been working in computer industry since 1979, and is still a part-time computer consultant.

He lives in Markham with his wife, Karen, and enjoys spending time with the family. They have two grown up children, Iris and Julian. Iris lives in Hong Kong with her husband, Sam, and three young sons, Ayden, Connor and Ellis.